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MIUI Petit Slow Juicer - Portable Easy to Clean - Ice Cream Maker

【Filter-free Filter】
【7.8° Tilted Juice Chamber】
【Easy to Clean】
【Multiple Color Options】
【High Acid-resistant Material】

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Color: White
Plug Type: EU

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Revolutionary structure in design !
Compact Body, Magic Power !

Easy to Clean!!

Easy to assemble
Easy to store
Lemon suitable!!

Focusing on Innovation and High Quality

All along, MIUI advocates the concept of simple, quality design and provides users with more possibilities for a healthy lifestyle.

What a vibrant kitchen appliance the juicer is! Just like life, it's supposed to be colorful!

Since the first generation of Pro model in 2001, we have been designing and producing various Flter-free patented juicers. From the filter, screw, speed, torque, color and shape, we have been upgrading and iterating the design.

Colorful, Just Like Life!

In the new Mini-Pro design, we break the traditional color of juicers and incorporate more lively colors into the appearance of juicers.

Which one do you like better?

Slow Mastication for More Nutritious Juice

The MIUI Mini-Pro juicer squeezes food at 50RPM, gradually achieving separation of juice and pomace in the mixing cup. Compared with traditional juicers, the slow speed juicer can lock the nutrients inside the food cells better to reduce the waste of nutrients.

Interestingly, the gray transparent mixing cup allows the juicing process to be visualized. We can observe the juicer's work at any time and adjust the speed and portion of food input in time.

7° Micro-Tilt & More Efficient

Thanks to the latest ramp design at the bottom of the mixing cup, you don't have to tilt the machine yourself to get all the juice. Enjoy every drop of fresh juice with MIUI!

FFX - New Upgrade

MIUI's exclusive Fiter-free seventh-generation filter is uniquely formed in one piece! Not only does it retain the easy-to-clean feature of the original filter, but it also simplifies the assembly process of the juicer!

FFX - High Acid Resistance

With the MIUI Mini-Pro, there's no need to buy an extra citrus machine!

The first filter that can be used to squeeze lemons so far! It is made of TRITAN material, which is able to resist the corrosive nature of highly aggressive acid substances to achieve more user needs!

Two Uses in One: Making Ice Cream

The FFX Integral Filter can be used to make ice cream.

Step 1: Open the black silicone sheet at the bottom of the mixing cup.

Step 2: Install all parts of the juicer accurately.

Step 3: Put the ice cream ingredients into the juicer slowly.

Warm tip: It is normal that the ingredients may overflow the strainer due to the accumulation of food inside during the production process.

Challenge 5 Seconds to Assemble

The MIUI Mini-Pro filter does not need to be calibrated, you can press it at will, realizing the possibility of installing it with your eyes closed in the true sense of the word!

Meanwhile, MIUI Mini-Pro juicer has passed the following certifications-CE/EMC/GS/FDA/Dgccrf, it is made of safe and reliable materials.

Small Size is Easy to Store

Whether it's on the countertop or tucked away in a cabinet, Mini-Pro's compact size makes it very easy to store.

Do you want a clean, easy-to-clean and easy-to-store juicer? Choose the MIUI Mini-Pro to solve all your worries!


White, Yellow, Green, Pink

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