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MIUI After-Sales Service

1. How long is the warranty?

The warranty period for the product (including the host and accessories) is one year, which starts from the date of receipt confirmation.

2. Warranty Service Coverage

The scope of warranty services covers product damage caused by non-human factors, and buyers are required to provide photos, videos, and detailed descriptions of the situation.

3. Warranty Service Cost Breakdown

The details of warranty service fees are as follows: during the warranty period, buyers are entitled to free replacement of new parts for the product (only need to pay the corresponding postage).

4. How to get free extra 6-Month warranty?

1)Should the buyer encounter any product quality issues within 72 hours of receiving the package, please promptly contact MIUI customer service. Once a resolution has been agreed upon, we can extend the warranty service by an additional six months at the buyer's request (the content of the warranty service is identical to the one-year standard warranty service).

2)If the buyer provides positive feedback on their order, we can extend the warranty service by six months according to the buyer's needs (the content of the warranty service is the same as the one-year standard warranty service).

3)By registering on the website, you can secure an additional six months of extended warranty service without the need for the buyer to make a purchase or place an order.