At MIUI, We believe in the power of innovation!

The Inception of Manufacturing Services

At the beginning of the year 2000, as a contract manufacturing company for globally renowned lifestyle appliance brands, the company had started to take shape.

Investment & Production Fusion

Since 2007, the company's founding team has successfully completed a series of challenging household appliance product research and manufacturing, earning multiple industry accolades.

R&D and Production Leap

In the pivotal year of 2015, the company strategically invested in building its own production capacity, completed the merger with contract manufacturing factories, and concurrently nurtured a leading engineering team that integrates product design, research and development, and manufacturing. This laid a solid foundation for integrated research and development and production.


Engineering Excellence: 

Shaping a Century of Innovation

  • Cultivating 100 industry-leading engineers
  • Developing 100 iconic products
  • Empowering 100 world-class brands.


We reject mediocrity and imitation!

Our mission is to drive industry advancement, not merely imitate and optimize, but to innovate and create. This passion and purpose are what a research-driven enterprise should uphold.

R&D ethos

High standards, value-driven. We know valuable products yield more than just economic returns; they bring accomplishment and satisfaction.
Our engineers prioritize meaningful projects over mere profits, investing time and resources wisely. This is our core R&D belief, our driving force.

I was surprised by the fast delivery, ordered to St. Petersburg on 12.02.2024 the courier delivered the 16.02. 2024. Packed in two boxes, everything came whole, very satisfied with the product. The juice turns out delicious, tried to make with pulp and clean. Carrot chops with a bang

The Fryer was delivered quickly and is complete. It works well. Looks like we're going to be friends😉

It works great, I had a previous 4.5L model also with a screen and I gave it to my sister to enter this world. Has arrived in a couple of days. 🔝👍

Blender came by express-within 2 working days. Everything is OK-it works properly (remember to click the lock button before starting the device). It looks durable and decent.